Best & Popular CMS Web Development Platforms.

CMS Web Development

What is CMS Web Development platform:

CMS Web Development platform helps the users to create, manage & modify content of the website without any knowledge of programming language.

In easy language CMS Web Development platform which helps you to create a website without any use of programming language.

CMS Web Development helps in storing your website pages, media files, images, videos & much more.CMS Web Developmenthelps in doing frame work.

How CMS Web Development Works?

CMS Web Development platform allows users to manage and modify their website. A good CMS Web Development platform makes it easy for the users to create & manage their websites pages without any programming knowledge. CMS Web Development platform allows you to add content, pictures, anything from your dashboard easily.

Here is the list of some best CMS Web Development platform

  • WordPress:

WordPress is an open source CMS Web Development platform established in 2003 & become the most popular CMS Web Development platform as a Research shows approximately 60 million users have hosted their websites by using wordpress CMS Web Development platform this means around 39% websites are built on wordpress.

WordPress provides you both paid as well as free CMS Web Development platform. In starting WordPress was built for blogging but now you can create any kind of website.

WordPress provides you 1000+ themes & plugins both free as well as paid.

  • Joomla:

Joomla is the second popular CMS Web Development platform introduces in 2005 with multiple free to use themes, templates & features. Joomla is a free CMS Web Development platform & provides you 1 click installation. 

  • Woo Commerce:

Woo Commerce is a trending platform specialized in building E-commerce website. Woo Commerce provides flexible & easy to manage features that ay one can build their website without having any programing knowledge. Woo Commerce works as a plugin in on CMS Web Development platform like wordpress here you can easily install the woo Commerce plugin easily.

Woo Commerce is free but it may incur extra cost to get pro features.

  • Wix:

Wix is a 4th most famous CMS Web Development platform. Wix is the best option for the beginners as it is easy to manage, operate & modify. Wix is a free CMS Web Development platform with provides free CMS features as well as paid plans starting with 13-15 $ per months & provides lots of ready to use templates you can use to build website.

  • Shopify:

Shopify is also an CMS Web Development platform with paid services. Shopify provides your fully secured platform to stay safe from website hack & data breach. It provides you drag & drop interface & the best option is the user is thinking to build an E-Commerce website. It provides you multiple analysis features to analyze your website traffic, sales & much more. Shopify charges you a minimum monthly subscription of 29$ per month & the maximum monthly subscription of 250 $ according to your requirement

  • Big Commerce:

Big Commerce is a fully hosted CMS Web Development platform also known as all in one platform & the best CMs for the users who are totally unknown from programming language. Big Commerce charges you a minimum monthly subscription of 30$ per month & the pro starts start with a monthly subscription of 250 $ this means Big Commerce is not the cost- effective platform in comparison to other CMS Web Development platforms.

  • Ghost:

Ghost is specially build blogging CMS Web Development platforms & known as a headless CMS with means it doesn’t force content to be delivered in a prescribed way. Ghost is a free CMS Web Development platforms but it is not supported by all web host as compared to other CMS. Ghost charges you a minimum monthly subscription of 36 $ per month & the premium version starts start with a monthly subscription of 250 $.

  • Magento:

Magento is an open source CMS Web Development platforms specialized in building E-Commerce websites powered by Adobe. You can easily install its free version known as Magento Open Source in your hosting account. Magento CMS can cost your approximately 2200 % per year if you are finding a best E-commerce platform you can go with Magento. 

These are the open-sourced CMS Web Development platform with multiples plugins, templates, themes with don’t take too much time to activate & publish your website easily. CMS Web Development platforms allow you to build an appealing & attractive website without any programming knowledge by using any of these above mentioned CMS Web Development platforms.


There are lots of good CMS Web Development platforms available in the CMS industry. Our blog helps you to compare the both free & paid CMS Web Development platform.

I hope this article on CMS (Content Management System) help you to learn more about CMS Web Development platforms.

There are lots of CMS Web Development platforms you can prefer for publishing your website. Selecting the best CMS Web Development platforms is important you can easily choose the best CMS Web Development platforms by checking the following list of CMS mentioned above. All you need to start a website is.

  • Domain name.
  • Good web hosting.
  • Activate CMS software in your hosting.
  • At last, configure the CMS settings.

By doing all these things now you can easily build & publish your website. Check our latest Blog Everything about Content Management System (CMS) to know more about CMS.

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