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Pay Per Click Advertisement: Use PPC to Build Business.

What is PPC? PPC stands for Pay per click a part of internet marketing where advertiser pays for each click by the users. You can say a way to buy clicks.Search Engine Ads are...

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Guide to Use Google Keyword Planner.

STEP 1. Search for Google Keyword planner. STEP 2. Click on the Get Started Button. STEP 3. Enter your Website URL. STEP 4. Fill the necessary details as required. STEP 5. Select Keywords which...

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Guide for using Keyword planner

STEP 1. Access to Google Keyword Planner. STEP 2. Install the Tracking ID. STEP 3. Choose your Tools. STEP 4. Select the Best Keywords. STEP 5. Add filters. STEP 1. Access to Google Keyword...

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Content Marketing

Information about Content Marketing.

What is Content Marketing? Content marketing is a strategic focusing on distributing, creating valuable & relevant content to attract audience for lead generation. Content Marketing helps in increasing leads, saving cost & attracts more...

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Email Marketing

Complete guide on Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing? Email marketing is a powerful email marketing channel. It is of 2 type’s direct marketing & digital marketing uses email to promote your product or services. It helps you to...

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Social Media Optimization [SMO].

What is Social Media Optimization (SEO)? Social Media Optimization plays a very important role for the success of any organization. SMO is done to increase the brand awareness among the audience on social media...

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Private Blog Network (PBN): A Pure Black Hat Tactics.

What is PBN?  You all have heard about Private Blog Network but not confirmed what is it and why it is used. PBN is a network of websites used to generate links to a...


Complete Beginner Guide For SEO.

Search Engine Optimization You will get everything in this guide if you are willing to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This guide is created to tell you all the important aspects of SEO,   from...

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Guide For Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

What Is AMP? AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source coding standard for publisher is a joint initiative by several technology and Google. The work of AMP is to load the publisher...

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Step by Step Guide to Integrate Domain with Hosting

Domain Integration with Hosting     For the integration of Domain with your Hosting, follow the below procedures: – Provide Name Server information into your Domain DNS “Log in” to your domain name provider’s...