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Content Marketing
Content marketing

Content Marketing is a strategy for focusing on distributing, creating valuable & relevant content to attract an audience for lead generation & helps in increasing leads, saving costs & attracts more loyal customers.

Strategies of Content Marketing.

There are lots of strategies that exist the ever before. This indicated more strategies for marketing.

One company suggested using the ‘3D Content’ model 

  1. Map the content for the main issue.
  2. Then Use the right content for right issue.
  3. Then map the content to the audience who has that issue.

If your content does not focus on the main issue of the audience that your product or service solves. Then all your efforts are zero. Creating content for your audience helps you to attract the right audience.

Understanding your audience, their need, prospective once you understand this. You can easily prepare proper content that solves the audience’s problems & helps in enhancing business.

In the world of endless technologies the strategies for content marketing & attracting audience are also increased.

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If you are thinking that it is approx 10, 20 or 30 years old, but you are wrong.

It was mainly introduces in 1732 by Benjamin Franklin by publishing his first annual Poor Richard’s Almanac.

Benjamin Franklin introduced it to promote his new business 

  • Is Content marketing right for business?

Content marketing worked in early years does not means it is suitable for your today’s era businesses still many organization using it does not means it’s also good for your business.

Best priorities for content marketing experts.   

Content marketing
  1. Create more engaging content.
  2. Understanding effectiveness of content.
  3. Making Visual content.
  4. Remarketing content.
  5. Optimizing content

What are its Benefits?

Content marketing can be a best option for attracting genuine audience to buy/read about your products, services or newsletters.

Creating high quality content and focusing on targeting right audience can give you higher returns.

Here are some Top benefits .

  1. Higher visibility in search engines.
  2. Higher Domain Authority & rank.
  3. More Traffic on websites & social media.
  4. Improved Lead Generation.
  5. Improved Business Goodwill.
  6. Less marketing cost.

This can be done by anyone in any field & beneficial for all industries. The more time you invest in it the lesser time it will take to achieve the goal from it. It can be done for achieving any type of goal whether it is increased sales, more traffic on the website, Higher conversion rate, etc.

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