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The merchant support partner goes probably as the fundamental interface between the association and its associates. Merchant backing’s main goal is to make first-class customer care knowledge for each and every vendor. They are obligated for giving lucky and definite utilitarian assistance to Merchants selling on the association’s foundation. They are moreover the fundamental course of action provider for overall vendors on the Company’s establishment. Just as giving a pivotal Seller experience, a Seller Support is depended upon to address structure issues, perceive and do deal with updates, cultivate inside documentation and add to a gathering environment, all while holding quick to help level game plans for phone, email, and visit support.


We will help you out no worries.

How we help

We help people with taking their business by giving them ace organizations that fuse electronic business plans expected to help you in your business expansion.

Were to sell

You would now have the option to sell your things wherever and any place comprehensively/worldwide. We are significantly attracted to business focuses like, Flipkart, eBay, Shopclues, Meesho, Paytm, etc.

Service we provide

We offer different types of assistance to deal with all your internet-based business tasks like logical administrations, commercial center item dispatch administrations, listing and content composition, and altering and preparing administrations.



Listing Of Products On Meesho

Listing on Meesho is relatively easier compared to other online marketplaces when you wish to sell on Meesho. Meesho has a self-service portal. You must have at least ten products to list and sell on Meesho. You can keep photos of products ready and upload the images along with text and price information. Select the right category for your product. 

Dashboard-Where All The Products Are Managed

Once the Meesho merchandiser registry, listing products have been uploaded you can start retailing on Meesho. Meesho provides a dashboard to control all operations. Meesho also provides preferences and advertising and sensible support, so you’ll be good to know which product is doing well in terms of prices and other factors. The dashboard allows you to change all the details, for prototype-pricing, pellet point, description, etc. but you won’t change your title if your roll will be modernized and you won’t change your MRP as well.

Shipping And Logistics Of Products By Meesho

Start a Meesho merchandiser account and you get the benefit of shipping and logistics support. Meesho has tie-ups with couriers that will pick up parcels and deliver them throughout India. They yea give packaging support and paraphernalia as well as training. Once an order is entered, the merchandiser packs the product and ready it for boatload. The logistics mate picks it up for onward transmission. Please note, Meesho doesn’t give bumper paraphernalia. Merchandisers have to make their own arrangements. It’s easy to retail on Meesho and keel because they’ve 200 picks up cynosures and delivery manpower.

Fulfillment Of Orders On Meesho

It involves entering new orders and retailing your product at its destination. This includes some routes which are given below-

: Enter new orders from a purchaser and confirm them.
: Pack that order by adding a parcel marker account and keeping it ready for dispatch.
: Dispatching of that order by making it’s Ready to Dispatch’on the door.
: Downloading the lading to guarantee that you give the parcel according to the lading to our collaborations consort during pick up.
: Following orders until they’re conveyed to your purchasers.

New brokers start off as category 2 brokers. After operating for a month and fulfilling 30 deals they can move to category 1 echelon. The account complaint agreement rate also determines to position and if a category 1 broker defaults he could be downgraded to category 2. Category 1 brokers get payment anteriorly, within 5 days from dispatch whereas category 2 brokers get payment in 10 days after dispatch. In any case, they’ve to follow a set of rules for order fulfillment.

Return Policy Of Meesho

One of the good personalities is that make Meesho so popular by its easy return policy in which patrons can return any product, yea if there was no problem but it may spell more cost for the vendor. Notwithstanding, if the product is returned due to any reason, Meesho doesn’t charge the merchandiser for any shipping cost and they also bear the cost of the product if it’s damaged in turn. Exchange of product doesn’t make you liable for posterior shipping figure, notwithstanding

These are some points that will help you guys to understand how to sell on Meesho, to know more about e-commerces or you can visit our website.

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