Introduction to HTML: Web Development Basic.

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What is HTML:  

Html stands for Hypertext Markup Language which is the basic thing in the development process. It’s a key foundation stem of web developments Html helps the search engines to know which part of the webpage is a header and footer here all the written content, media files, graphics are added, etc. Html is the standard language understood by all search engines. Html is the main structure while any web development.

History of Html:

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Html was written by Tim Berners-Lee, Robert Cailliau in 1989 & stands for Hypertext Markup language.  Here Hypertext means the document which containing links, that allows the visitor to go to the different place in the document. The latest version of Html is Html 5 & markup language is a way through which the text, link, image, or anything will be presented for doing this Html uses tags & attributes.

How HTML looks like:

Whenever you visit a website you see a multiple part like heading, paragraphs?

 The search engine will automatically understand & tell you the paragraphs, headings & other files because each part has its own Html tag. Html is the basis of any kind of web development without having the knowledge about Html you can’t do web development tasks.

Let’s see how Html tags look like-

  • <h1> This is a Heading Tag </h1>
  • <p> This is a Paragraph Tag</p>

Why Html tags are used in Web Developments:

Html tags are used to differentiate & create the contents like paragraphs, headings, images, etc. while creating elements at the time of web development. Elements are the single Html components that make an Html doc. a webpage identified by the opening, closing tags & the content added between them while doing web development.  

How many tags are used in Web Development:

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This amount is not fixed it varies according to the requirements. These Html tags are used according to the situation while web development.  

  • Paragraph: <p>
  • Audio: <audio>
  • Image: <img>
  • Video: <video>
  • List: <list>
  • Button: <button>
  • Link: <href> & many more.

How html becomes a Web Page:

Now the main question that occurs in everyone’s mind is How does this Html code become a website. This is a very easy process after writing your Html codes on any basic editor just save the file name according to you & then .html while web development & is ready as a website structure. Now, these websites are ready to be published by using web hosting & a domain.

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