How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts

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Doing anything in the world with the proper planning and strategy formulation makes your task easy and successful, same is the concept of writing successful posts for the blogs which are not a tough task to do if you follow a strategic way to write it. Yes, I know many of you know how to write a blogs post but still many of you must be facing problem to drive traffic to your post because you must have ignored the SEO-friendly content in your blog that’s why it is unable to get visible on google top page.
“Today I will tell you the ways or strategies to write a Seo friendly Blog so that you can easily digital drive traffic to your blog”:
 Step 1:  First You Identify Your Niche:
It is easy to understand your market or readers first than to create post rather than creating a post and then setting your audience, So first it is important to do a little bit of homework to identify and to understand your niche and what does they want to read about? In which topic they are more interested and How Frequently the searched are made online after analyzing this you can easily set up your mind which type of topic you can write on. For checking out the latest trends as per the search on google, you can check on “Google Trends” this will help you out in finding hot topics on which people are searching the most online.
Step 2: Keyword Research:
After knowing the targeted audience for whom to write? and the topic of what to write? the second important thing to focus on is adding the most searched keyword in your articles so that you can make your content Seo friendly. For finding out the most targeted keywords you can use Google Keyword planner or MOZ tools by which you can easily find out the keywords and can use in your content to make it SEO friendly and high-quality content.
Step 3.  Catchy headline:SEO Friendly writing
As we all know 1st impression is the last impression, The Headline of your post must be eye-catching so that it attracts readers and tempt them to read.  There are many tools like  “Sharethrough”  and  “Blog Post Headline Analyzer” by which you can create eye-catchy headlines for your post, as per the google research 45% of readers makes an assumption and decision of reading regarding any post just by going through its headline, so for the successful post you must know how to draft a catchy headline.
Step 4: Grammarly Tool:
For maintaining the quality of the content you must always take care of the grammar portion of your post because due to grammar many times your post quality get hampers and other bloggers, as well as your readers,  does not give importance to your posts.  For checking the grammar of your post you can use the tools online like Ginger, Grammarly, etc.
Step 5: Images: 
Images to your post are just like the cherry on cake always add relevantly and attracting pictures, charts in your post which make your article infographic and an infographic article always drives more traffic and attention online.  So always remember to optimize your post with the images and important thing to remember always do on-page optimization of your images as these images can make your brand impression online
Step 6: Reference links:
You must add your articles reference links to your post which will create link web for your post and helps you to rank your post high on google, You can also give reference of other bloggers in your post too by which you can create your blogging networks if they appreciate your links in this manner you can share you links to their articles which will help you in driving traffic to your own posts.
These are the best way to follow to write an SEO friendly blog post which you can rank high on google for your readers. So always do a little homework before implementing your writing ideas.
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