Strategies to Boost Traffic and Sales on Your Online Store

Launching an eCommerce website is not a big deal because in this technical era every business and store is going online, they are offering their goods and services through their official website or by online portals. In order to rapidly evolving online marketplace trend, you simply can’t afford to ignore some thing. It doesn’t matter if you own a small online store or a big eCommerce website, but the fact remains that to boost online traffic and sales. To boost online traffic and sales is not as easy as a cup of tea, it can be a time consuming and difficult too. So I’ve devised some strategies to boost traffic and sales on your online store:-

  • Create and Manage Value-Driven Blogs

As of now, content has become one of the important and new form of search engine optimization. Over 80% of companies use content marketing strategy and out of them 32% believes that their strategies are effective. And the truth, as I’ve mentioned above content marketing is not as easy as a cup of tea, because writing a quality and unique content is not an easy job.
To drive traffic to your eCommerce website every company is focusing on SEO friendly content and article on their blog. As per the Google’s latest update content is the king for doing quality SEO and for getting first page rank on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

  • Buy Related Domains

This is very common strategy which is followed by most of the big eCommerce websites. Mostly, companies focus on buying domains like .net or .org but fails to buy related domains.
Let’s take an example “”
At the time of launching of website “” they could buy domains like:
These are just few of the related domains, which is misspelling of “”. This can be beneficial for you, because this is for those visitor who have misspelled your domain name on search engine. So, if you buy 50 to 100 domains like this and every related domain drive at least 10 visitors, you’ve essentially boost your traffic by 500 to 1000 per month extra visitors on your website.

  • Create and Publish Videos of Your Brand/Product

This is my personal experience that first time when I was buying a product I was very confused about product’s quality and its look, but if I could be able to watch video of that product I would not be confused to buy that one.
So, I mean to say that video is the powerful tool to increase traffic and selling to your website. Video provides right information at right time about any product to consumers.
There are two best way to publish your video on your site like:

  1. You can self-host your brands/products video on your website, which is the best way to promote your website rank for videos.
  2. You can publish your brands/products video on third party channels like :- YouTube or Vimeo. The video published on their servers will not effect your website’s page load time, and the main thing about YouTube is that this is the second largest search engine after Google.
  • Power of Social Media Campaign

It is essential for every eCommerce website to show their presence and maintain social media accounts to get in touch with our consumers. There are some ways to show your regular presence on social media:
– Post at least 3 times in a day on Facebook
– Upload valuable content for your followers on daily basis
– Always analyse the activities of your competitors
– Use images and videos on facebook and other social media channels
– Choose the best time to post
– Use “Call to Action” in your every post, etc.

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