Complete guide on Email Marketing

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  • What is Email Marketing?
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Email marketing is a powerful email marketing channel. It is of 2 type’s direct marketing & digital marketing uses email to promote your product or services. It helps you to aware your customers about the latest products or services by using email marketing. It plays an important role in marketing by enhancing lead generation, brand visibility & sales by email marketing.

  • History of E-mail?

The first email was sent by a computer engineer Ray Tomlinkson in 1971 & Ray Tomlinkson also invented @ symbol in email.

In 1978 the marketing manager of at Digital Equipment Corp named Gray Thuerk used email as the new method of communication to send commercial emails. His email list had only 400 emails he sent which results in $13 million of sales.

  • How does Email marketing works?

Email marketing is a process of building relationship with future customers & maintaining with old customers. It helps in boosting revenue by providing customers time to time information.

  • Does email marketing still works?

Yes! Email marketing still work wonderful. Email isn’t the newest method but still it was the most widely used in today’s era.

Look at some of these statistics:

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  1. There were around 3.9 billion users globally in 2019.
  2. Approx 80% Americans checks their emails at least twice a day.
  3. Business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention. 

  • Advantage of Email Marketing?
  1. Email marketing helps in building customer relationship.
  2. Email marketing helps in lead generation.
  3. Email marketing is a cost effective tool.
  4. Email marketing allows you to segment your emails.
  5. Email marketing helps in brand promotion.
  6. Drives Customers loyalty.
  • How to send emails?
  1. Select the best email marketing service.
  2. Focus on email marketing tips.
  3. Segment your emails.
  4. Choose the best email marketing template.
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  • Tips for building email marketing list-
  1. Don’t purchase email list.
  2. Aware about email regulations.
  3. Use email for conversation with your customers.
  4. Set limit for sending emails.
  5. Use Attractive headlines.
  6. Use proper description.
  7. Use call to action.

Begin your Email Marketing Journey:

There are many rules & regulations of sending emails but the most important rule is to treat customers like humans. You can easily achieve all your goals easily if you keep this rule in mind.

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