Social Media Optimization [SMO].

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What is Social Media Optimization (SEO)?

Social Media Optimization plays a very important role for the success of any organization. SMO is done to increase the brand awareness among the audience on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, twitter, social bookmarking sites like reddit, tumblr, plurk and much more. Social Media Optimization needs to analyze what content works well for your organization on social media platforms. To find these answers you have to know what the audience is looking for.

Difference between SEO & SMO –

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SEO means generating traffic from search engines by using techniques like Off-Page SEO & On-Page SEO.  Now let’s talk about SMO it’s an off-page seo work done on social media platforms to generate traffic to your website ant to build visiblity.

How to do SMO?

Create a list of social media websites with High Domain Authority above 30. You can use any tool to check Domain Authority like . Visitors are the audience in hurry and don’t stay for long time. You can hold them and improve your bounce rate by providing them every information what they need. Keep them on your website by providing similar articles & internal linking.

Tips for SMO-

  1. Link Social Media with your Website- Link your social media accounts to your website you can also add social media icons. Redirecting helps you to lower your bounce rate and also increases organic traffic to your website.
  2. Fill all the important Information- Fill allthe important details 100% correct. Audience prefers profiles with correct and complete information. So all the important details should be similar on social media channels and on website.
  3. Use keyword- Keywords plays an important role for your website, posts 7 AD campaigns keywords are also important for you social media posts. It helps you to target your audience and boost organic traffic.
  4. Use Brand Images- Using cover images is the best way to attract your audience as images are the first thing that visitors sees. Whenever anyone visits your websites using cover images creates a good impression.

Benefits of SMO-

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  1. Helps in improving brand recognition.
  2. Helps in Generating Leads.
  3. Collect data from audience to improve.
  4. Helps in targeting audience.
  5. Builds Customers trust.
  6. Free of cost.
  7. Improves organic traffic.
  8. Help in promoting content.
  9. Try to use #Hashtags for more interactions. 

Social media can be a good platform to boost your organic traffic and leads if you properly worked.

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