Guide For Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

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What Is AMP?

AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source coding standard for publisher is a joint initiative by several technology and Google. The work of AMP is to load the publisher site instantly on mobile phones as it becomes slow because desktop compatible resources are heavy. AMP basically reduces unnecessary elements of a webpage and serves user a simple version of webpage which can load faster on mobile phones.  


Why Is AMP important?

Desktop is the leading source of Google traffic, but mobile traffic is increasing day by day and expected to be the number one Source of traffic in few years. Amp makes website fast & increases the user experience by loading it instantly in a second.

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How AMP developed

The Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) project was launched in 2015. Many companies including WordPress, Google, Adobe and some international news companies have worked together in the AMP project.

In today’s world almost all large companies use AMP technology. Many benefits can be earned from quickly loading websites. But there is no solution right now for e-commerce to take the advantage of AMP.

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Why AMP is good.

In todays ere the mobile phones have taken the place of desktops in many industries and in countries. Now user can see for any query, services, products and many things on mobile. It becomes necessary for websites to load quickly within 3 seconds. If any websites take more than 3 seconds to load majority of users will leave the page.AMP is good as it makes websites load quickly on mobile devices.Along with AMP there are many ways to make you website load quickly.

Hope this article will help you to understand about Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Have you accelerated your website to load quickly on mobiles? If Not, Don’t waste your time and accelerated your website.

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